THE REFORMED FAITH, by Loraine Boettner; The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., 1984; 28 pp., $.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko)

Loraine Boettner is well-known to many in Reformed and Presbyterian circles for his clear and incisive writing. He has authored such books as “The Millennium,” “Immortality,” “Studies in Theology,” “The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination,” to mention but a few. The strength of his writing is always his clarity of expression, and this book is no exception. 

The book is a brief statement of the Reformed faith and includes chapters on: “The Sovereignty of God,” “Man’s Totally Helpless Condition,” “Christ’s Atonement,” “God’s Foreknowledge,” “The Universalistic Passages,” and “Two Systems Contrasted.” In the latter chapter the author compares the Calvinistic and the Arminian systems of theology by briefly explaining the five points of the Remonstrance with the five points of Calvinism. 

For a brief statement of the Reformed faith, the book is valuable, but there are several weaknesses in it. For example, the author speaks of God’s permissive will in relation to sin, of angels, who become elect by remaining to stand in their original state, of the fact that devils are endlessly punished because they endlessly sin, and of common grace. We were aware of the fact that the author holds to some of these doctrines, which weaken the defense of the Reformed faith, but the reader should recognize that here is no completely consistent defense of the Calvinistic position. 

Nevertheless, we recommend the book to our readers. Perhaps it can serve as a model for a work prepared by one of our own ministers and which would serve as a brief statement of our position. Such a booklet would be an invaluable aid on the mission field.