Book Reviews

This book contains the Stone Lectures which Bavinck delivered at Princeton Theological Seminary in the school year of 1908 and 1909. Some of the lectures were delivered at various other places in this country and all were published in Dutch and German along with their publication in English. 

Bavinck’s tremendous erudition and wide knowledge of philosophy and history of dogma are evident in this book. One always stands amazed at his vast learning. Nevertheless, the book is a disappointment. It is a philosophical, rather than a Scriptural, approach to the doctrine of revelation, and one of Bavinck’s fundamental assumptions in the book is the theory of common grace. This is disappointing because it is so different from Bavinck’s Dogmatics. 

The book includes chapters on The Idea of a Philosophy of Revelation, Revelation and Philosophy, Revelation and Nature, Revelation and History, Revelation and Religion, Revelation and Christianity, Revelation and Religious Experience, Revelation and Culture, Revelation and the Future.