CONFLICT AND HARMONY IN SCIENCE AND THE BIBLE, by Jack Wood Sears; Baker Book House, 1969; 97 pp., $1.95 (paper).

It is always encouraging to read good books produced by scholars in the field of science who oppose the theories of evolutionism so widely accepted today even in Reformed circles. Jack Sears is the head of the biology department at Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas. The contents of this book are lectures delivered at the University of Mississippi for the University Christian Student Center.

While the book is not very detailed and exhaustive, it gives a good glimpse of the problem and finds solutions based on the infallible scriptures. There are several good features about the book. It contains a good discussion of the limitations of science. It offers a good criticism of evolutionism on the grounds of evolutionism itself. It emphasizes the total lack of scientific evidence for any transmutation of kinds. It offers an excellent discussion of the trustworthiness of Scripture. Some knowledge of science is necessary to appreciate the book fully.

A weakness of the book is that, while it speaks of the relation of the Bible to science, it never discusses clearly the importance of Scripture as the rule of faith—also in scientific pursuits.

The book is recommended to all who are interested in this subject and especially to our high school students.


THEY DARE TO HOPE, by Fred Pearson; Eerdmans Publishing Company, I969; 103 pp., $1.95 (paper).

A defense of student protest by a graduate of Wheaton College, who finds that the Church is the only institution able to respond to student demands if only it will radically alter its ways. The book is written from the viewpoint of modern post-millennialism. Its one value is that it can serve as an aid to understand what student protesters are saying—if one is interested in learning this.