Book Reviews


by Archibald A. Hodge & Benjamin B. Warfield, (Introduction by Roger R. Nicole); Baker Book House, 1979; 108 pages, $2.95 (paper); (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko. ) 

Both A. A. Hodge and B. B. Warfield wrote extensively on the doctrine of Scripture when they were professors at Princeton Theological Seminary in the latter part of the Nineteenth and early part of the Twentieth Centuries and when they were the leading Presbyterian theologians in this country. This brief book contains a small but important part of their writings and demonstrates clearly how tenaciously they held to the doctrines of infallibility and inerrancy. Because the doctrine of Scripture and its inspiration is once again a critical issue in the Church, the reprint of these articles is a worthwhile endeavor. Their writings are completely relevant to the present debate. The book is especially interesting because it has been maintained that Hodge especially deviated significantly from the doctrine of infallible inspiration (cf. Vander Stelt’s book, “Philosophy and Scripture”). This book proves conclusively that such charges are false. 

It must be remembered in reading this book that the Princeton theologians were not adverse to bolstering their arguments in theology by appeals to rational lines of argumentation in addition to appeals to Scripture. This appears also in this book. Nevertheless, the book is well worth the price and is a worthwhile addition to the libraries of those who do not already have the works of Hodge and Warfield in them. We urge our readers to purchase it.