Book Reviews

GOD HAS NOT REJECTED HIS PEOPLE, by Richard R. De Ridder; Baker Book House, 1977; 88 pp., $2.95 (paper). (Reviewed by Prof. H. Hanko) 

Dr. De Ridder is interested in mission work among the Jews, and this book is written with a view to encouraging such work. It is a brief book, consisting of five short chapters, but there is some interesting and helpful information in it. 

Chapter 1 deals with the history of the Jews in the New Dispensation. Chapter 2 points out the evils of Anti-Semitism. Chapter 3 discusses the development of and variations within Judaism and is an especially helpful chapter. Chapter 4 speaks of the “Holocaust” of 1933-l945 and its impact on Jewish thinking. The author points out that Jews think in terms of national survival because of this event in their history, and now consider proselytizing as a threat to their existence—a threat as great as Hitler’s efforts to exterminate them. Chapter 5 discusses mission work among the Jews and offers some guidelines. 

While really too brief, the book must be added to the reading list of all those who are interested in this question. In this reviewer’s opinion, the book does not do sufficient justice to the sin of crucifying Christ—a sin committed by both Jew and Gentile.