Book Reviews

CHRONOLOGY OF THE OLD TESTAMENT, by Martin Anstey (Foreword by G. Campbell Morgan); Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Mich.; 271 pp., $12.95 (cloth). Note: due to the size of the pages and the format of this reprint, these 271 pages are equivalent to some 400 pages of ordinary size. [Reviewed by Prof. H.C. Hoeksema]

This is another very worthwhile volume in the Kregel Reprint Library. This work was originally printed in 1913 in two volumes under the title “The Romance of Bible Chronology.” In this reprint the original two volumes are presented complete and unabridged. They are companion volumes. The first volume is called “The Treatise,” and contains all the material which deals with the principles, the exegesis, and the calculations involved in Old Testament chronology. The second volume is a section of very complete chronological tables.

Any student of Old Testament history knows that the chronology of the Old Testament is really a study all by itself. And it is both an important and a very interesting study to anyone whose a true student of the Old Testament. This work by Martin Anstey will certainly prove to be a very helpful and valuable addition to the library of any student of the Old Testament. Why do I make this statement? Not because I necessarily agree with all the calculations and the conclusions reached by the author, but because this is a study that is basically faithful to the Scriptures, and a very careful and thorough study. Moreover, in a day when everywhere the idea of a “young world” and, in fact, the very idea that it is possible to construct a chronology on the basis of the Bible is virtually laughed out of court, it is refreshing to become acquainted with a book such as this. Let me add, too, that the value of this book is not limited to ministers and seminarians. Although any reader will have to put on his thinking cap, also the ordinary man of the pew may very well make use of this book. Especially do I suggest that our teachers will find this book helpful in connection with their Bible teaching and their history teaching. Highly recommended.