Rev. Herman Hoeksema—The Amazing Cross. 183 pp. Eerdmans Publ. Co. $2.00.

So much that is being published these days on Lenten themes is superficial and misleading. Too often the stress is laid on the external aspects of our Lord’s passion, as if the things that matter most about the Christ on the cross are His “manliness”, “heroism,” “patience under tremendous strain,” etc. In not a few Lenten books the cross of our Savior is presented as something to be described rather than expounded. There is a lot of sentimentalism printed about Calvary that is thoroughly unbiblical.

Here is a book that goes to the heart of the real Lenten theme. Part I deals with the relation between our Lord’s sufferings and such truths as God’s judgment of the world, His judgment of the Church and the Political World-power. Part II is an excellent exposition of our Savior’s obedience. The chapter on Gethsemane, entitled “Before the Gates of Hell” is exceptionally good.

The title of the book is exceedingly appropriate. The author has exalted the amazing grace of our amazing Redeemer who died an amazing death, that by His amazing resurrection from the dead we might preach an amazing Gospel.

Rev. Leonard Greenway

Christian High School

Grand Rapids, Michigan