Here is big news about our RFPA Book Club! 

Up to this time we have been advertising that Book Club members will be entitled to buy all RFPA publications at a 20% discount (plus shipping) if they agree to purchase every new book automatically (with the exception of educational manuals and workbooks). We have had only a moderately good response to this offer. To date approximately 225 readers have signed up. 

To encourage a greater response, the Publications Committee is making a double new offer. We feel that this should bring an overwhelming response. In fact, you would be very foolish not to take immediate advantage of this offer: you will never be able to get a better deal than this! 

In the first place, we will increase our discount offer to a big THIRTY PER CENT if 400 readers sign up. If the total remains below 400, the discount will remain at 20%. If it goes up to 400 or more, the discount goes up to 30%. 

In the second place, we will increase our discount offer to a whopping FORTY PER CENT if 1000 readers sign up. Do you realize what that means? This is wholesale price! You will never be able to purchase our books at such a price anywhere else. 

What is our motivation? 

For one thing, we want our books in your homes; and we will do as much as possible to get them there. For another, we feel that if you belong to our base of loyal supporters, it is only fair that you are also rewarded by a price break. Thirdly, we of the Publications Committee sorely need and desire a permanent and dependable base of support for our publishing projects. The simple economic facts are that without such a base of support, our publishing projects will have to be delayed or cancelled altogether. 

What can you do, and what should you do in response to this offer? 

1. If you have not signed up as a Book Club member, do so IMMEDIATELY. If you have lost the card we provided with our circular letter, drop us a post card or letter signifying your desire to sign up and the fact that you agree to membership rules. The rules are simple: 

a. You must be from a Standard Bearer home. More than one member of a family may sign up. In fact, we encourage our young people to begin building a library of Protestant Reformed literature. 

b. You must agree to purchase every new publication (with the exception of educational manuals and workbooks) at the going discount plus shipping costs, whether the discount turns out finally to be 20%, 30% or 40%. These books will be sent automatically, and you will be billed for immediate payment. 

c. You may purchase any amount of RFPA books, old or new, at the going discount rate. The only exception to the thirty or forty per cent discount would be occasionally a book which we wholesale at what is called “short discount.” At present we have one Bible manual selling at a short discount (25%). 

2. If you have already signed up as a Book Club member, don’t worry: if we get 400 members, you will automatically get the higher discount; and if we get 1000 members, you will get it, too. However, you can help us in a very important way. Talk to your family members and to your fellow Standard Bearer readers. Urge them to join our RFPA Book Club. Talk it up! This will be to your advantage and to theirs. 

Hurry! The cut-off date on this membership drive is July 15. 

Write to: RFPA Book Club, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, .Michigan 49501. Be sure to include your name and full address!