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Prof. H.C. Hoeksema Editor, The Standard Bearer  Esteemed Brother in Christ:  After I lived almost 40 years in the Netherlands, excuse me when my writing is a mixture of Dutch and English (I have taken the liberty of translating the Dutch expressions, HCH). You wrote in the last Standard Bearer that comments are welcome on the article of Prof. Meeter. 

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The late Rev. H. Hoeksema in his excellent exposition of the book of Revelation writes about the fact that many Christians are accustomed to run in the narrow track of their individual salvation, and no doubt this is very significant. Nevertheless it is only part of the truth. The Biblical truth is that all the world which fell into the power of sin will again be restored and raised to a far higher glory. That is why there must necessarily be continual war between God and Satan. In the final analysis this is the war of all ages.

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