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Now during this time the members of this group—they had no conception of the doctrine of the church, but realized that this work of an interdenominational nature had no future—some of them decided to commence fellowships, little groups of people in certain areas. And I ministered to them. Others went into the Baptist denomination. There was a general concern among the so-called evangelicals in that denomination about modernism and about the fact that it made inroads into the pulpits.

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Now from this there was a spiritual awakening in the denomination and the fellowships and in several other places. Firstly, among the Baptists. Five Baptist pastors appeared to grasp the truth of the doctrines of grace. At least they all had varying degrees of this grasp. And what they knew they commenced to preach in their congregations. And when they preached it, it caused an upheaval in their congregations. I can remember preaching on the doctrine of election and on total depravity. Now I’ll never forget that.

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