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On August 14, 1984, Mr. and Mrs. Deane Wassink and their four small children left for Northern Ireland, where Mr. Wassink will teach the 1984-1985 school year in Covenant Christian School of Newtownabbey—about 15 miles from Belfast. The Wassinks arrived safely, by God’s providence; and, at the time of this writing (September 29), Mr. Wassink has been teaching for almost a month.

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February 8, 1985  Readers of The Standard Bearer will be interested in information about the work being done on behalf of Reformed education in Northern Ireland. They will recall that the Covenant Christian School in Northern Ireland made an urgent request, last summer, for help in the form of a Protestant Reformed teacher for the 1984-1985 school year. In answer to this request, Mr. Deane Wassink and his family went to Northern Ireland, so that Mr. Wassink could teach. 

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