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Miss Lubbers is a member of First Protestant Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan and administrator of Eastside Christian School. Two previous articles have traced the argument of Dr. John Bolt in the book The Christian Story and the Christian School, respecting the crisis in public education and the attempted educational reforms in public education since the 1930s. Included were descriptions of the symptoms and the proposed solutions during the 1990s, plus a section devoted to an answer to the question, what is really wrong with public education? It is imperative for Christian educators, supporters, and parents to understand the developments...

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This is a brief summary of the past history of the Loveland Protestant Reformed Church and the events that led to our affiliation with the Protestant Reformed Churches. The congregation prior to becoming Protestant Reformed was known as the HOPE REFORMED CHURCH of Loveland, not affiliated with any church body. We were served by a minister from the Evangelical Reformed denomination. This minister served our congregation from the late 1930’s until 1954, even though he had never been officially installed here, as he was an ordained minister of a congregation in a nearby town.

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