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The Synod has just passed the Declaration, and now again we hear that there will be protests against it in 1953. That could lead to separation or ruin. It certainly is a bad thing that the combined con­sistories of 1927 did not adopt a declaration of prin­ciples at that time, before our first students became ministers. Now you see the result of that mistake.

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When we say that a woman should have the right to vote in the church, then some men quickly raise a few strange objections. They say, that the women are not allowed to speak in the church. The woman sinned first, therefore she must be silent. If they want to know anything, they must ask their hus­bands, for he is their head and they must submit to him. The women are organically in the men, there­fore the Scriptures only speak of “brethren.” And they hold fast on this, that if you give the women the right to vote, they have...

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