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(Given at the annual membership meeting, September 20, 1962) Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association, Dear Brethren: The Board of the RFPA takes this opportunity to inform you of its activities of the past year. The activities of the Board are mainly channeled through the three standing committees: the Information and Education, Finance, and Book Committees. The Information and Education Committee’s interest has been in the printing and distributing of two pamphlets which have appeared as articles in The Standard Bearer during the past year. Six thousand copies of each pamphlet have been printed. The first one, entitled “The...

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Balance on Hand September 1, 1966—$1,306.79 Receipts  Subscriptions—$4,638.90  Membership Dues—$137.00  Gifts—$4,837.84  Advertising—$192.00  Bound Volumes—$690.50  Receipts for year—$10,496.24  Total Receipts—$11,803.03 Disbursements  Wobbema Printing—$9,297.74  Holland Bookbinding Co.—$503.75  Mr. J. Dykstra — Gift—$300.00  Miscellaneous—$164.00 

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