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Mr. Bekkering is a student at Biblical Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania. I was pleased to see Pastor Key’s article on self-esteem in the December 1, 1992 issue of the Standard Bearer. Self-esteem is an extremely dangerous and unbiblical idea, and it is very prominent in our culture. This buzzword is heard in many areas of life, and is the focus of psychologists, counselors, teachers, and even ministers. Pastor Key succinctly points out the evil of this heresy, and he demonstrates that the idea of, self-esteem does not belong in Reformed teachings. Using Pastor Key’s article as a backdrop, I will...

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A Double Reason  That the Bible is the Word of God and not simply the word of man is so clear that every pilgrim, even pilgrim children, can understand it. There is, first of all, a negative reason. . . . “it came not in old time by the will of man.” Scripture did not have its origin in the will of man. Man’s will had nothing to do with the Scriptures.

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