The previous issue of the Standard Bearer sent many of our readers on a wild goose chase for an article to which they found a reply in our paper, but which they could not find. Some took the trouble to look through the preceding issue. Others wondered whether it could have appeared in the Church News. All in vain.

Now, it is not, and never will be, the policy of our paper to publish replies to articles that are not printed.

Nor is it our custom to print replies first, in order to print the original articles later.

That the latter happens this time is simply due to a misunderstanding. And with apologies to Mr. B. Veldkamp we publish his article in this issue.

The reader will understand that the editor is not responsible for any other contributions that appear in our paper than his own. Criticism of articles he sends to the contributors concerned.

Of course, he may use his authority to close a debate when he deems it advisable.

But even this he will not do, unless it becomes strictly necessary.

But he cannot assume responsibility for the contents of contributions or criticisms outside of his own departments.