Midden in het Leven (In the Midst of Life) by Dr. W. Sikken. Published by J.H. Kok, N.V., Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f 7.95. 

The complete title of this book should be, as the author suggests on the very first page of the introduction or preface: “Life in the Midst of Death.” Hence, the idea of death receives a good deal of emphasis. The author reviews what mere men, philosophers as well as religious men, outside of the Scriptures, have written about death. He, moreover, writes a good deal about Luther’s conception of death. Also he writes about the immortality of the soul by which he, evidently, means, not that the soul has everlasting life, as is the biblical meaning of immortality, but that, after physical death, the soul continues to exist. 

By far the nicest part of the book is the section in which the author writes about the resurrection of Christ and of our own glorious resurrection. H.H. 

The Way of Salvation, by Gordon H. Girod. Published by Baker Book House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $2.95. This is a very good book and I may recommend it to all our readers for it is very readable and written in very clear language and style. 

The book deals with what is known as the ordo salutisor the order in which the salvation which God has prepared for His elect in His eternal counsel is applied to them in time by the Holy Spirit and through the Word of God. In a rather broad introduction the author presents an outline of the whole book. After this he speaks of election, of the external calling, the so-called mystical union, regeneration, internal calling, conversion, faith, justification, sanctification, and glorification. 

The book, as may be gathered from this brief outline, is thoroughly Reformed. 

On page 112 I find a slip of the pen. We read there: “Peter would not have become aware of his lack of conviction, had he not come to the courtyard of Pilate . . .” This, of course, must be “the courtyard of Annas and Caiaphas.” 


The Apocalypse Today, by Thomas F. Torrance. Published by Wm. B. Eerdmans Company, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price $3.00. 

This book is a brief interpretation of the Book of Revelation. I may recommend it to all our readers for it is a thoroughly orthodox interpretation of the Apocalypse. I could quote several passages to prove this, but let me quote just the following: “It is to our shame that there are multitudes who stain the baptism with the image of the beast. They flirt with Christianity and flirt with evil at the same time. The fusion of religion with the image or fashion of this world marks them out as belonging to Babylon and not to Christ. And because these adulterers of the faith feel insecure in their religion, they try to establish themselves with worldly power and worldly alliances; and soon become banded into false societies and false communities. Thus it is that an apostate church grows up with a counterfeit faith. . . . . Outwardly it is quite impossible to separate the true from the false, but God knows who are His. . . .” pp. 128-129. 

It stands to reason that much difference of opinion may be and is expressed with regard to the interpretation of a book like the Apocalypse. Thus, for instance, I do not agree with the author’s interpretation of the first of the four horses mentioned in Rev. 6. According to the author we have here a vision of the antichrist. My interpretation is that the white horse represents the victorious progress of the gospel of Christ for the salvation of the elect. 

But let the reader judge for himself. I recommend this book to our readers.