Expository Outlines on the Whole Bible, by Charles Simeon. Published by Zondervan Publishing House, Grand Rapids, Mich. Price per volume $3.95. Ten dollars less for the whole set if ordered before December 31, 1956. 

We perused the volumes on Proverbs and Isaiah-Malachi. The remarks I made on this work before still apply. In general, I have great respect for the work of Simeon and I recommend it to our readers. Simeon tries to adhere to the text which he exegetes which is one of the chief virtues of the exegete of Scripture. Besides, he offers many doctrinal and practical remarks which are generally quite sound and valuable. Hence, I certainly may recommend this work to the reader.

In closing, I wish to make two remarks which, I believe, I have made before.

1. The work of Simeon is not a complete commentary in the sense that he explains every verse of the book or passage he exegetes. Many texts and portions he omits. Yet, on the whole the reader will find sufficient, material in these volumes to help him in his study of Scripture.

2. When I write that I recommend this work, this must not be understood to mean that I agree with every part of the interpretation Simeon offers. In the first place, to say this I would have to have made a detailed study of the work, which is quite impossible in regard to a work of this nature. And, secondly, I do not agree with every item of Simeon’s interpretation, as I remarked before. Thus, for instance, when Simeon writes on Daniel VII on “the destruction of popery” and when he makes of the “little horn” mentioned in this chapter, the papal hierarchy, I do not agree.

All this, however, does not detract from my respect for the work of Simeon and from my readiness to recommend it to our readers.


Profeten Spiegel, by the Rev. Chr. W.J. Teeuwen. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f 3.75.

In this book we find a brief description of the prophets of Scripture from Moses to Malachi. It is very interesting, to say the least, and I gladly recommend this work of Teeuwen to all that are still able to read and enjoy the Holland language. There are some expressions in the book which I would consider almost slang, but I suppose this is the way of “modern Dutch.” Nevertheless, I feel that they do not belong in a book of this nature.

In an introduction the Rev. Teeuwen explains the occasion and origin of his writing this particular book. It appears that some young people from families outside of the church and that “lived on the edge of the church” were studying Scripture and, evidently, especially the prophets mentioned in this book. They invited Teeuwen to put this instruction in book form. The purpose of the book is to picture the prophet and to translate the actuality of his message in the language of our time.

In this respect Teeuwen has, to my mind, succeeded admirably. I gladly recommend this book to our Dutch readers.


De Filosofie van de Onbekende God (The Philosophy of the Unknown God), by J.M. Spier. Published by J.H. Kok, Kampen, the Netherlands. Price f 6.75.

This is a book of an entirely different nature than the one discussed in the preceding review. The former is popular and can be read by anyone that can read Dutch, this is entirely the opposite. It is only for those who are accustomed to study, and, moreover, for those that like to study problems of philosophy and are somewhat acquainted with recent philosophy in Germany.

We know that the Rev. Spier has interested himself from the start in the philosophy of Dooyeweerd. He is also rather interested in Barth and in the recent development in Germany. In this book he discusses the philosophy of Karl Jaspers. He first offers, in several chapters, a presentation of the ideas of this philosopher in order then, in the last chapter to express the judgment of others as well as of himself and close with a critical conclusion.

The Rev. Spier appears to be thoroughly acquainted with his subject, he writes clearly and from a Scriptural and Christian viewpoint. As such, I recommend the book to all that are interested in problems of the nature mentioned above.