Report of Eastern Ladies’ League 

The Fall meeting of the Eastern Ladies League was held at our Hudsonville Prot. Ref. Church the evening of October 24. 1957. 

The meeting was opened by singing Psalter No. 58 and Psalter 89:1, after which our president, Mrs. M. Jonker, read Proverbs 4 and lead us in prayer. She extended a word of welcome to all the ladies present. Mrs. E. Cammenga from our Holland church favored us with a vocal solo entitled, “Great is Thy Faithfulness.” 

The president then introduced our speaker, Rev. R. Veldman, who following a suggestion from the Delegate Board, spoke on the subject he had treated at the Young People’s Convention, “Obedience in the Home.” He spoke from the viewpoint of the child, and asked that we together take the position that we are talking to our Covenant young people. 

He called our attention to the fact that this is a timely subject, since there is much disrespect, adolescent conceit, and back talk in the home, as well as in the school. 

We parents are also far from perfect, often too carnal, money-minded, and pleasure mad to be concerned about obedience from our children. But despite failings of parents, children are called upon to obey. Disobedience to parents and superiors is forbidden in many places in Scripture, and our Communion Form forbids the disobedient to, come to the Lord’s Table, as well as murderers and drunkards. “Honor thy father and thy mother” is the first commandment with promise.

Authority implies the right to command discipline. Christian discipline is so difficult. It is subject to God’s law. Parents must love. They must not be abusive; but a cool head, a warm heart and much prayer is required. Parents need the forgiveness of their children too at times. Parents must also be obedient, faithful to their calling, so that their children are able to respect them. If parents cannot obey their superiors, they cannot expect obedience from their children. 

Young people are still children in relation to parents. Their calling is to honor and obey, not because of fear of punishment, and not only as long as parents are reasonable and right in their actions, but because their authority is from God. The only time we must not obey is when what they require involves us in sin. 

Children must love and obey their parents, not only with a natural love, but for God’s sake and out of love for God. Show your love in special ways how while they are still with you. Don’t be impatient and rebellious or look down on them if they were not able to get the education they work so hard to give you. Uneducated parents sometimes have 1,000 percent more common sense than their college educated children. Love proves itself best in “obedience. We love and honor them more as we get older, and we care for them. 

Who can heed this divine command? Not the natural man, but only the children of God redeemed by Him. That is the second part of the Covenant. We are obliged to new obedience, to walk in a new and holy life. If you have transgressed this command and dishonored your parents, confess now and ask God for forgiveness. Do not let them go to the grave with that grief. Pray that yours may be the promise, the heavenly Canaan. Jesus says, “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” 

A collection for The Standard Bearer was taken while we sang Psalter No. 215. The business of the evening was taken care of, after which Mrs. G. Spruyt gave a report on the activities of Eunice Society of First Church of Grand Rapids. Miss Erma Kortering, from our Holland church, gave a vocal solo entitled. “God Hath Not Promised.” 

The new Board members were introduced, and our president extended a word of thanks to the retiring officers. Mrs. Jonker also thanked the Host Society and all who took part in the program. Psalter No. 373 was sung, and Mrs. M. Schipper led us in a prayer of thanks to God for a spiritually beneficial and enjoyable evening. 

Refreshments were served in the church basement. 

Elsie Kuiper, Reporter

Report of Western Ladies’ League 

On the afternoon of October 4th, 1957, the Western Ladies’ League gathered for their fall meeting in the Protestant Reformed Church of Doon, Iowa. 

Our meeting was called to order by Vice President, Mrs. G. VanBaren and we opened with the singing of Psalter numbers 251 and 73 and the reading of Psalm 27. Rev. J.A. Heys led in prayer. Our secretary, Mrs. T. Kooiman, read the minutes of the previous meeting and our treasurer, Mrs. S. Broekhuis, gave the treasurer’s report. During the singing of number 106 an offering was taken for the Reformed Witness Hour. 

Rev. Heys was introduced as the speaker for the afternoon. The theme of the meeting and Rev. Heys text was taken from Isaiah 40:31, “Wait upon the Lord.” As children of God we wait upon the Lord for everything—for all of our physical needs and spiritual needs. They that wait upon the Lord also wait for the Lord, and they trust Him, and believe Him and are renewed in their strength and are carried up with wings as eagles. Six texts were quoted which contain words related to and contained in the idea of waiting, namely, Micah 7:7 look unto; Ezekiel 19:5 to see; Psalm 39:7 hope; Psalm 62:5 be silent; I Chronicles 6:33 stand still; Numbers 8:24 serve; and Acts 10:7persevere. Therein we have a beautiful picture of waiting upon the Lord. We look intently unto our God for salvation, we see God’s revelation, our hope and trust is in Him, we are reverently silent, we stand still that we may hear His Word, we serve Him always and we persevere unto the end. Further to wait upon the Lord means first of all to believe and be sure that Christ is coming and this confidence comes from Him. Then it means that our trust and confidence comes from Him. Then it means that our trust and confidence is in Him alone. And lastly our whole attention is focused on that which we expect, namely, His coming, and therefore we walk obediently. As a result those that wait cannot fall away and they shall receive that for which they wait, they do not wait in vain. They shall be joyfully satisfied. 

Rev. VanBaren answered questions from and in explanation of Ecclesiastes 11:1Revelation 18:18Matthew 27:34I Timothy. 2:4 and I Timothy 4:10

Doon rendered a vocal duet from the Psalms and Edgerton a vocal solo, “Seek Ye the Lord.” We closed with the singing of number 213 and Rev. VanBaren offered prayer. The ladies from Hull were our hostesses and served a most delicious lunch during which we enjoyed a social hour. 

And so through this meeting also God has renewed our strength and certainly has carried us up with wings in the assurance that we are His and we may wait upon Him for everything. 

Mrs. G. Broekhouse, Reporter