Dear members and friends of the RFPA 

In this the 53rd year of publishing the Standard Bearer, the board comes with a report of the activities connected with its publication during the past year. 

We are printing a total of 1900 copies of the Standard Bearer, and of these, 200 are kept for bound volumes; others are kept for reprints. With each issue there are about 1600 copies mailed. To subscribers in the city of Grand Rapids, there are mailed 394 copies, plus another 482 copies in other parts of Michigan for a total of 876. In comparison, there are 124 copies mailed to Iowa, 103 copies to Illinois, and 83 to California. Jenison, Michigan continues to become quite an outlet for our magazine. There, 85 subscribers receive the Standard Bearer. That’s more subscribers than the entire state of California. 

The program of 10 issues for $2.00 continues to be very successful. Many of these continue to be regular subscribers. The board urges those who know of someone interested in receiving 10 issues for $2.00 or who would like the Standard Bearer on a regular basis to contact the business manager. 

The board gratefully acknowledges the liberal financial support of our churches. Church collections totaled $6,756.18 and gifts from individuals $3,582.37. It is only through these generous donations and gifts included in the renewals that our printing and mailing costs can be met. 

The board reports that the necessary forms have been mailed in, in order to obtain a tax exemption letter as a non-profit organization. This was a joint effort by the RFPA as the central organization and the Permanent Committee for Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature as a subsidiary organization. 

The Membership-Education and Information committee has been busy trying to promote additional interest in our magazine. To that end, a survey type letter was sent to all ministers, professors, and seminary students asking them for ideas on how to increase our circulation. 

The board is grateful for the help of the seminary students, who along with the business manager, sorted out and put in proper order all the back issues of our paper. These issues are now ready to be bound. Each student received several bound volumes for his effort in this project. 

The board gratefully acknowledges the work of our business manager. Besides mailing the Standard Bearer, he also is busy with the handling, processing, and shipment of book orders. We thank him for all the time and effort on behalf of the Standard Bearer and the Book Publication Committee. We thank Mr. Gerrit Pipe for his faithful efforts in helping with the mailing of our magazine. He has been active in the issuing of our magazine for about 25 years. 

With thanksgiving, we acknowledge the faithfulness of our Covenant God. He has provided the means to publish our magazine and has, by his grace, guided and sustained those who write. Thanks be to God for our faithful Editor-in-chief and department editors. 

Retiring from the board this year are A. Dykstra, C. Kalsbeek, and the undersigned. We thank these men for their dedicated labors. 

The Standard Bearer is sent far and wide and is read and appreciated by many outside of our denomination. What a glorious privilege! Thanks be to God for our distinctively reformed magazine. 

Bill DeKraker, Secy.