Dear Brethren: 

Reporting for the Board of the RFPA in this, the forty-first year of the Standard Bearer, our thoughts are in harmony with the words that appeared on the cover of the first issue, October 1, 1965: “Thanks Be to God.” For it is of a certainty, the Lord has strengthened and blessed us in our witness to His Word these twelve months.

The I & E Committee, one of our three standing committees, was busy in its continuing efforts to enlarge the place that our paper has in the field of Reformed publications. They are now busy working with the Mission Board and local consistories in an attempt to reach persons outside our churches who may be aroused to an interest in the truth as we are privileged to know it. 

Our Finance Committee, always aware of the need of a continual strong support from our people, requests that you remember the Standard Bearer with a generous gift whenever you are asked, be it through a church offering or at the time of your subscription renewal. 

The Book Committee has been busy mostly with the binding and sending out of the bound volumes. There hasp been some increase also in requests for individual copies. Of volume 40, 75 copies have been sent out. The committee also filled an order for a complete set of volumes. 

Presently the total number of copies printed for each issue stands at 1,139, compared with 1,120 a year ago. 939 are sent as paid subscriptions and complimentary copies; 60 are for the Mission Board, of which 25 go to Jamaica; 110 are reserved for stock and bound volumes; and 50 are kept as a mailing margin. 

For the year we had a total of 72 new subscriptions and 46 cancellations, a net gain of 26, compared to an increase of 23 last year. 

The board expresses its sincere appreciation to Mr. James Dykstra, who has again faithfully performed the business affairs of our publication. 

We had four requests for permission to reprint some articles of the Standard Bearer. Of the four, two were from outside the sphere of our churches. 

The board, in memory of Rev. H. Hoeksema, gives thanks to God for all the years he has labored in behalf of the, Standard Bearer. We believe that the Lord has blessed and directed his labors to the end that the truth of Scripture has been more clearly revealed. 

The Treasurer’s Report of the Permanent Committee for the Publication of Reformed Literature, shows their balance on hand September 1, 1965, as $5,980.46. 

May everyone of us pledge his best efforts and support toward the continuance of our magazine. Also may we seek the Lord’s blessing in this labor; for without His blessing our labors are in vain. 

—G. Bouwkamp, Secretary