With joy in our souls we give thanks to our God for His goodness in giving us another year of publishing the Standard Bearer. It is only because of His covenant faithfulness to us as churches that we can publish a paper that is true to His Word. May we use this paper to gain knowledge of our God, as our Editor-in-Chief stated in his March 1, 1985 editorial: “May we read I, teach our youth to read it, digest it, learn from it, and become established in the truth.”

Our Business Manager reports that again in this year we had 1950 copies printed for each issue. He send 765 outside of the West Michigan area, 804 copies in the West Michigan area, and 165 copies to foreign countries. Each year 150 copies are kept and used for bound volumes.

Because of the sale of First Prot. Ref. Church of Grand Rapids, the Board has had to move all the Standard Bearer material. Our days of free storage have come to an end. We now rent a room at “Extra Room Storage.” The Board thanks First Church for the use of the building for these many years.

A special word of thanks is extended to our Business Manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal. Because of the diligent labors of this man, our Board has had little to do. It is because of his work that we subscribers receive our magazine on time. It is our prayer that God may continue to watch over him and bless him in the year ahead.

We would like to thank our Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Hoeksema, for his diligent labors. By God’s grace he has again in this year made sure that the truth is defended from all the false doctrines that surround us. May he never weary of his task and look unto his Heavenly Father, from whence cometh his help.

We would also thank all the ministers who write in this paper. We realize that they are busy men, and their time is important, but may they remember that great is the reward of those who labor diligently in the Word.

We have again received many contributions. We are thankful for these, because without them the price of the Standard Bearer would have to be increased. We received a good sum of money from the churches; but there are many individuals who give freely of the abundance God has given them. This year we received a nice sum of money from an estate also. We ask that each of you continue to remember us in the year that lies ahead.

We are grateful to those members of the Board who are now retiring—Vern Casemier, Stu Looyenga, James Koole. May God watch over these men in the days that lie ahead.

Last, but by no means least, we ask each of you to pray for those who contribute to this paper, the Editor-in-Chief, the assistant Editors, and those who labor to keep this paper going. May we not just praise God in lip service, but may He be praised from our heart, mind, soul, and strength, that all the glory may be God’s alone. “For of him, and through him, and to him are all things, to whom be glory for ever.” Rom. 11:36

(w.s.) James Koole, Secy.