Dear Brethren: 

The Board of the R.F.P.A. takes this occasion to inform you of its activities of the past year. 

Besides the routine work of its three standing committees which are the Information & Education, the Finance, & the Book Committees….another committee of four is busy. Henry Kamps, Tom Bodbyl, Jim Koole, and Ken Hanko, called “committee for Publication of Standard Bearer Index,” are working at compiling and arranging all subjects and titles from all the Standard Bearer Volumes to form an Index in systematic, alphabetical order.

The Board has granted a loan of one thousand dollars to this committee to cover expenses for this needful and worthwhile project. As the Indexes are sold, this money will be repaid. Completion date is early 1982 or sooner. 

In October of 1980, Wobbema Printing notified the Board that beginning in January 1981 a 15% cost increase would be in effect. Because of their quality work and because of the good relationship we have had with this company over the years, we the Board felt it best to accept the added cost. We did offset the total publishing cost somewhat consolidating the work formerly done by Photo Composition and by National Correct Color by going to Commercial Printing. 

Concerning the matter of finances our balance carried forward September 1, 1981 shows an increase of some $800.00. This was mainly due to the fact that our subscription price was increased $1.00 per year per subscriber. Our church collections in comparison with a year ago slightly decreased, although individual gifts remained about the same. 

The Board is encouraged by the present financial receipts, although, we would hasten to add, we do need and appeal for your continued financial support. Non-profit we may be, but as a business we still need funds to operate. 

We thank our faithful covenant God Who inclines the hearts of His people to give, that the R.F.P.A. may all these many years have published the Standard Bearer….truly Scriptural, truly Reformed. 

Our Editor-in-Chief and co-editors are truly zealous and dedicated to those principles and that Standard. 

Regarding the printing and mailing of the Standard Bearer, herewith are some facts and figures furnished by our Business Manager: 

Total copies per issue printed: 2,000 

Total copies per issue mailed locally: 795 

Total copies mailed outside western Michigan: 789 

Total copies mailed to foreign countries (including Canada): 177 

Total copies reserved for bound volumes: 150 

Total copies mailed and used for bound volumes: 1,911 

1. At least one subscriber in each of the countries in the United Kingdom (England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland) 

2. More subscribers in Grand Rapids than any other city, Jenison is 2nd, Hudsonville is 3rd, followed by South Holland and Lansing, Illinois. 

3. States receiving the most Standard Bearers are: 1-Michigan 2-Illinois 3-California 4-New Jersey 5-New York. We have 9 subscribers in Singapore. 

No annual R.F.P.A. report would be complete without a word of recognition and thanks to our Business Manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal. In his own unique way and manner he continues to get the job done, with the result that the Standard Bearer arrives to you the reader…be it U.S.A. or foreign lands.

As we stand on the threshold of another publication year (Vol. 58) let us pause to declare “Ebenezer”—Hitherto has the Lord helped us. 

Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association. 

Vice Sec.-Treasurer P. Koole