Another year of printing The Standard Bearer has come to an end, and once more our songs of joy and praise ring out. For sixty years now our Covenant God and Father has in His rich mercy given us as Protestant Reformed people the privilege of sounding forth His truth in the printed page. He has not only given this glorious heritage to our grandfathers and fathers, but also to us, their sons and daughters. We have been given a tremendous blessing, but also a great responsibility to remain faithful to His Word. May our prayer be that God will continue to remember us in His gracious kindness until He returns again.

A committee of the Board looked into ways to commemorate this milestone during the past year. We decided that a public lecture would be in order, since it is not because of the faithfulness of us as churches, but the faithfulness of God’s grace should be our boast. This address to the praise and glory of our God is to be given by our Editor-in- Chief.

The Board also looked into price quotations given by another printing company asking for our business. After seeing what they had to offer and taking into consideration the good working relationship we have with our present printer, we decided to stay with our current printer.

Because of the age of our Business Manager and the heavy work load placed on him, he requested that he receive help in his labors. Mr. G. (Bud) Bylsma has been giving him a hand when it is mailing time. In this way we also have more than one man who knows exactly what has to be done to get The Standard Bearer to you as subscribers.

Our Business Manager reports that in the past year there were 1,950 copies of The Standard Bearer printed each printing. Of this total, 1,877 copies are mailed to subscribers, with 787 going outside the west Michigan area, 775 in the west Michigan area, and 165 to foreign subscribers. The Standard Bearer keeps 150 copies each time to be made into bound volumes. The increase this year was slight, yet we are thankful that there is still an interest for the Reformed truth not only in our churches but also outside our churches.

The Board has again looked for a place to store all of The Standard Bearer materials. First Church is sold, and the time grows nearer when everything must be moved. We are checking to see if we might store this material with our RFPA books. This would make things much easier for our Business Manager because he takes care of both of them. This would also save him some traveling.

The Board takes this opportunity to thank our Business Manager, who in his own humble way makes sure you receive your issues on time. It may only be a few hollow sounding words, but we thank our God that He has given us men like Mr. Vander Wal who give freely of their time for this cause. May God continue to bless and strengthen him. We also thank Prof. H.C. Hoeksema for his diligent labors in making sure that there is material to be printed in this magazine twice each month, and for his very interesting editorials. We have again enjoyed the three special issues this year.

We are grateful that our ministers see their calling to proclaim and defend the glorious gospel of Jesus Christ in all its purity in this wicked world. That above all distinguishes this magazine from all other magazines in this day and age in which we live. We say this not in pride, but in humility, because it is God, and He alone, Who keeps us faithful.

We thank those on the Board who have done their work well for these last three years and whose terms are now finished. Our prayer is that God will watch over Bud Bylsma, Bill Corson, and Arnold Dykstra in the years to come.

It is the Board’s prayer that we as churches may continue to pray for and support this magazine in the years to come. May we hold the truth dear and by God’s grace teach it to our children. May we in confidence say with the Psalmist in Psalm 48:14, “For this God is our God for ever and ever; He will be our guide even unto death.”

With you in Christ,

( w.s.) James Koole, Secretary