It is again true that we as members of the, RFPA must say “Ebenezer,” for hitherto has the Lord helped us in completing the 44th year of publishing the Standard Bearer. Consideration should be given to our editors who have been on schedule, and who have kept us well informed of the present activities and doctrinal truths, and errors in the church-world of today. Their articles strengthen and confirm in that battle of faith which is closing in on so many sides today. 

Shortly after our annual meeting last year, we were notified by our printer that the cost of material and labor made it necessary for him to increase the cost of printing and mailing the Standard Bearer by $75 per issue beginning Jan. 1, 1968. This increase caused concern among the board members, who, after sending our letters to our consistories for financial assistance, finally notified our subscribers that it was necessary to increase the subscription price from $5 to $7 per year. We should remember that the additional $2 per subscription will only cover the increased cost, and that 50% of our total income must come from gifts and collections. 

This past year our distribution has increased from 1284 to 1323. There were 90 new subscribers and 62 cancellations. It may be well to note that the new subscribers in the past year were from outside our denomination. 

The breakdown on the distribution is as follows: address plates, 1093; mission and Jamaica, 80; stock and bound volumes, 110; and mailing margin, 50. 

The M.I.E. committee is at present working with the Mission Committee, who have submitted some 125 names of prospective subscribers who will be sent sample copies and gift subscriptions. The Book Committee had 85 volumes, plus 3 partial sets, bound and distributed. We have also been notified that the first 19 volumes are available from one of our former members. 

The revised constitution, which was brought up to date at our last meeting, is now available to our members. 

Mr. James Dykstra, who has faithfully served as business manager the past eight and a half years, notified the board that he did not intend to continue as manager. After some discussion, the board has decided to ask Mr. Henry VanderWal to become business manager, and he is already acting in this capacity. 

A final item is that more than 35 gift subscriptions were sent in by our people who responded to the notice printed in the Standard Bearer

May our God strengthen us in this calling, that His wondrous works may be declared abroad and His kingdom may come, to the glory of His name. 

—G. Pipe, Sec’y 


Sept. 1, 1967-Sept. 1, 1968 

Balance on Hand September 1, 1967—$1,536.64 

Receipts Subscriptions—$4,682.40 

Membership Dues—$134.00 



Bound Volumes—$755.00 

Total Receipts For Year—$10,914.30 

Total Receipts—$12,450.94 

Wobbema Printing Co.—$9,691.38 

Holland Bookbinding—$399.75 

James Dykstra—Token Gift—$300.00. 


Total Disbursements—$10,554.54 

Balance on Hand Sept. 1, 1968—$1,896.40 


Doon P.R. Church—$107.05

Edgerton P.R. Church—$34.14

First P.R. Church G.R.—$1,201.31

Forbes P.R. Church—$27.00

Holland P.R. Church—$78.00

Hope P.R. Church—$368.81

Hudsonville P.R. Church—$877.85

Hull P.R. Church—$101.89

Isabel P.R. Church—$39.27

Kalamazoo P.R. Church—$53.20 

Loveland P.R. Church—$18.90

Lynden P.R. Church—$42.51

Oaklawn P.R. Church—$43.87 

Randolph P.R. Church—$42.95 

Redlands P.R. Church—$133.30 

Southeast P.R. Church—$212.30 

So. Holland P.R. Church—$266.59 

S.W. Prot. Ref. Church—$140.39 

Eastern Ladies League—$82.05 

First Ch. Sr. Mr. & Mrs.—$30.00 

First Ch. Priscilla Soc.—$65.00 

First Ch. Ladies Aid Soc.—$100.00 

Hope-Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Soc.—$25.00 

Hope Ch. Men’s Soc.—$10.00 

Hudsonville Men’s Soc.—$13.77 

South Holland Ladies Aid—$25.00 



—Rich Bos, Treas. 

Annual Treasurer’s Report: Permanent Committee for Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature: 

$2,717.42 Balance on Deposit Sept. 1, 1967 

$119.20 Interest on Money in bank 


Received from sale of books—$1,406.79


$24.00 Paid out for P.O. Box rental 

$4,219.41 Balance on Deposit in bank Sept. 5, 1968 

1000 Books were printed 

625 Books have been sold 

375 Books left to be sold 

—Tom Newhof, Treas.