Dear Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association: 

Once again, in this 51st year of publishing The Standard Bearer, your board comes before you this evening with a resume of the activities connected with its publication during the past twelve months. With the help of our covenant God; who once again gave us faithful editors and writers, and with your generous contributions, we were able this year to expand our witness to those outside the sphere of our churches. 

Our publishing total rose from 1500 copies per issue in 1973 to 1900 copies per issue in 1975; and more than two thirds of this total were sent to those outside the Protestant Reformed denomination. In comparison, as late as 1960, better than 85% of our subscription rolls were Protestant Reformed families. In 1974 we bound 125 volumes of The Standard Bearer and in 1975 we are increasing this to 200 volumes. A total of 170 new 12-month subscribers was added in 1975, plus 290 more 10-for-2 subscribers. Fifty-nine cancellations were received during the year. The board solicits each subscriber’s help in expanding the witness of our Standard Bearer and asks that you send us names of friends who you feel should be reading it. Only $2 for 6 months for new readers . . . . 

During the year we mailed 635 free copies to the mailing list of the Illiana Chr. High School, which is in the Chicago area. Over 225 free copies were mailed to pastors in the Orthodox Presbyterian Churches, 220 free copies were mailed to postal patrons in the Forbes, N.D. area, and 1000 copies were mailed to members of the A.C.R.L. Free copies were also mailed to Australia and Tasmania. While the response to these endeavors does not always seem gratifying, the point to remember is that our God has given us the means and has made it possible for us to reach other church denominations and individuals who are interested in the truth as we proclaim it. This kind of witnessing would also be a worthwhile project for our individual churches and societies to undertake, and the board earnestly solicits your requests for free copies for your mailing. 

The Book Publication Committee has also been very active. To date, approximately 3000 copies of Behold He Cometh have been sold, and already 1900 copies of God’s Covenant Faithfulness have been sold, out of a total printing of 3000. If you have not yet ordered your copy (or copies) we urge you to do so at once, as there will be no more available after the 3000 are sold. Coming soon from the press are 4 more books; 

1. Marriage—The Mystery of Christ and the Churchby David Engelsma 

2. God’s Eternal Good Pleasure (25 sermons on Rom. 9, 10, 11) by Herman Hoeksema 

3. The Mysteries of the Kingdom (a book on the parables) by Herman Hanko 

4.A book of Lenten messages by Herman Hoeksema 

In addition to his many other duties, our business manager, Mr. Henry Vander Wal, has taken upon himself all the work connected with handling, processing, and shipping book orders. We cannot thank him enough for all the time spent on behalf ofThe Standard Bearer and the Book Publication Committee. 

Retiring this year are the brethren Roger King, Donald Knoper, and John Vander Woude. We wish to thank these men for the time spent on the Board of the RFPA. 

In conclusion, the Board of the RFPA. and the staff continue to covet your prayers and support of this Kingdom work. 

Don Knoper 

Sec’y for the board