September 18, 1986

At the close of volume-year 62, the Board reports on its activities in the past year. We thank God for His faithfulness to us in continuing to allow the R.F.P.A. freely to publish the Standard Bearer.

During the past year the Publication and Book Committee investigated new machinery to address the magazines. At our February meeting, the committee recommended that we purchase an Addressograph Electronic Addresser with a Direct Impression Printer. The Board approved this recommendation. The electronic addresser is a small computer which stores all our addresses on s2 floppy discs. The addresses can be sorted by zip code and many other ways, one of which is by the month in which a subscription is due. We plan also to address our subscription notices with the machinery. Our old equipment is very out of date, but was kept working by Mr. Vander Wal. He coaxed many mailings out of the old machinery.

As you have probably read, Mr. Vander Wal has resigned. We thank him again for his labors on our behalf. He has been helped in this past year by Mr. John Veldman and Mr. Peter Koole. These men assisted in the mailing of the Standard Bearer. The Board expresses its appreciation to them for their assistance.

Another noteworthy item is the progress on the index. The committee publishing the index reports that it is being printed and should be ready for distribution soon. The Board would like to thank all those responsible for this monumental task. The index will certainly be a useful tool for many.

We also note with appreciation the labors of our editor, the writing staff and guest writers. Without their work, we wouldn’t have a magazine.

The retiring Board members are Tom Bodbyl, Charles Kalsbeek, and Robert Pastoor. On behalf of the Association, the Board thanks them for their labors in the past three years.

At our last meeting in August the Board agreed to help in planning a storage building with the Permanent Book Committee.

The Board asks that you as members, readers, and as churches continue to remember the cause of theStandard Bearer and continue your support of it in the years ahead. May we never take this privilege for granted.

Yours in Christ,

Jim Van Overloop, Secretary.