(Given at the annual membership meeting, September 20, 1962)

Members and Friends of the Reformed Free Publishing Association,

Dear Brethren: The Board of the RFPA takes this opportunity to inform you of its activities of the past year.

The activities of the Board are mainly channeled through the three standing committees: the Information and Education, Finance, and Book Committees.

The Information and Education Committee’s interest has been in the printing and distributing of two pamphlets which have appeared as articles in The Standard Bearer during the past year. Six thousand copies of each pamphlet have been printed. The first one, entitled “The Sovereignly Free Gift of Faith,” by the Rev. C. Hanko, has been given to our churches for distribution. The other pamphlet, entitled “That ‘Horrible’ Decree,” by the Rev. Gise Van Baren, will follow later. The work on these pamphlets has been marked with enthusiasm, and it will be continued in the hope of God’s blessing on our efforts. This is the continuation of the plan to publish two articles a year in The Standard Bearerspecifically written with an eye to later print them in pamphlet form, to be given to our churches at their request and be distributed by them at their discretion, that many of those who do not receiveThe Standard Bearer, can sample of its contents, that we may further witness of the truth of the Word of God as it is given to us.

The Book Committee was responsible for the binding and sending out of sixty-five bound copies of Volume XXXVII of our publication. We would like to remind you that individual copies of back issues are available, as well as bound copies of nearly every volume of The Standard Bearer. We have here a storehouse full of the revelation of the Word of God as the church never before has been privileged to have.

At the present time, the total number of The Standard Bearer printed for each issue stands at 1053, compared to 1097 a year ago. Of the total, 863 are being mailed out as paid subscriptions and complimentary copies, 60 go to our missionary, the Rev. G. Lubbers, 110 are for bound volumes and stock, and 50 are reserved for mailing margin.

Our Business Manager, Mr. James Dykstra, continues to do a very commendable job. The efforts that he has put forth are reflected by the fact that The Standard Bearer continues to operate in the black. Although a large share of his work involves subscriptions, there are also many other duties of the business manager which are efficiently handled, resulting in smooth operation in this phase of the publication.

We are grateful that we may be instrumental in providing for the means by which The Standard Bearer may be published. It is our prayer that the blessing of our heavenly Father may rest on the editorial staff; that the pages of The Standard Bearer may ever resound with the truth of the Scriptures. Respectfully submitted, The Board of the RFPA.

—R. Bos, Secretary