Dear Members and Friends of the RFPA, 

We give thanks unto our Faithful Covenant God in this the 54th year of publishing the Standard Bearer, for He has provided us the strength and an open door to publish our magazine. The following information is witness of His many blessings to us. 

We are still printing, as of August first, 1900 copies of the Standard Bearer, two hundred of which are kept for bound volumes, while forty are kept for reprints. By the way, bound volumes now cost fifty cents more. The last issue of the Standard Bearer mailed out totaled 1660 copies, the same number mailed out as last year. To subscribers in the Grand Rapids area, 385 copies were mailed out, plus another 381 copies to subscribers in other parts of Michigan for a total of 766. In Michigan, both Jenison and Hudsonville continue to be a great outlet of the Standard Bearer where together, 162 subscribers receive a copy of our magazine. In comparison, 152 copies go to Iowa, 111 copies are mailed to Illinois and 82 copies are mailed to California. 

The Standard Bearer is mailed to forty states. The only states that do not receive copies are: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Dist. of Columbia, Maryland, Nevada, New Mexico, Rhode Island and Utah. We also mail copies to far away places for instance: Australia, Brazil, Germany, Hungary, Nauru, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore and South Africa. Indeed the Standard Bearer reaches to the far corners of the earth. 

The Membership, Education, and Information committee reports that we are still continuing the ten issues for two dollars program, with our hope that many of these will become regular subscribers. We have also started a new program whereby each subscriber to the Standard Bearer may, with his renewal, send ten free issues to a new subscriber. We urge those who know of someone interested in subscribing to the Standard Bearer to take advantage of the ten free issue offer. 

The board continues to acknowledge gifts of ten dollars or more by means of a thank you letter. Gifts this year totaled $10,038.88. Church collections totaled $5,913.01 and individual gifts totaled $4,125.87. The board greatly appreciates your generous financial support and covets your prayers in supporting this means of proclaiming the Reformed Truth. It is through these generous donations and gifts that our printing and mailing costs are met. 

The board has a committee along with a committee of the Permanent Committee for Publication of Protestant Reformed Literature still continuing work in obtaining a tax exemption letter to become a non-profit organization. Progress is being made as will be evidenced by another amendment needing to be made to our constitution. 

The board gratefully acknowledges the hard work of our business manager Mr. Henry VanderWal. Henry also handles the mailing of our books. We also thank Mr. Gerrit Pipe for his efforts in helping to mail the Standard Bearer and Mr. John Bishop for helping Mr. Pipe while our business manager was on jury duty. 

How good our Covenant God is to us in that, by his Grace, He has guided and sustained our editors. By His Spirit He has enabled them to write faithfully concerning the Reformed Truth. Indeed, thanks be to God for our faithful Editor-in-chief and department editors. 

We sincerely thank the following members of the board over the past three years who are now retiring; Leonard Dykstra, Leon Kamps, and Fred Ondersma, for their untiring efforts and dedicated labors. Thanks be to God for supplying these men who have faithfully labored for the cause of God’s kingdom. 

The Staff and Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association continue to covet your prayers and support of this Kingdom work. We conclude our report with a question. Recently a new subscriber in Iowa enclosed a short note along with the seven dollar subscription fee. He expressed his interest in our Standard Bearer and wished us the Lord’s blessing. He included this note: “It amuses me that you call your organization the Reformed “Free” Publishing Association, when I have to pay seven dollars for a years subscription.” That is an interesting thought. Doyou know why the word “Free” is used? 


David Harbach, Secretary