Annotated Bibliography on the Belgic Confession (1651) and Guido de Bres (1522-1567)

General Works

• The Confessions and the Church Order of the Protestant Reformed Churches, Protestant Reformed Churches in America, 2005, hardcover (hc), 431 pp. $9.00. This is the study edition of our Reformed creeds, church order, and liturgical forms, including historical introductions, full proof texts, and indexes to the creeds. Available from the Protestant Reformed Seminary (

• The Belgic Confession: Its History and Sources (Texts and Studies in Reformation and Post-Reformation Thought), by Nicolaas H. Gootjes; Richard A. Muller, Gen. editor; Baker Academic, 2007; paperback (pb.), 229 pp. $21.00. ISBN: 9780801032356. Available from Reformation Heritage Books ( This is a fine, fresh study on the Confession, including chapters on its early history, Calvin and Beza’s relation to it, and its role at the Synod of Dordt.

Special Subjects

• The Belgic Confession and Its Biblical Basis, by Lepusculus Vallensis; translated by Rene Vermeulen; Inheritance Publications, 1993; pb., 262 pp. $15.90. ISBN: 0921100418. Available from Inheritance Publications ( This unique book “provides and explains the Scriptural proof texts for the Belgic Confession by using the marginal notes of the Dutch Staten Bijbel,” the translation ordered by the Synod of Dordt (from the back cover).

• For the Cause of the Son of God: The Missionary Significance of the Belgic Confession, by Wes Bredenhof; Reformation Media and Press, 2011 (; pb, 325 pp. $29.00. ISBN: 9780977344253. This brand new book by a Canadian Reformed missionary-pastor defends the Confession as a powerful mission statement and tool used by the Reformation churches, and argues that it continues to be so for faithful Reformed churches in the twenty-first century. You will also find interesting and helpful information at Bredenhof’s

Commentaries on the Confession

• The Church’s Witness to the World, by Peter Y. DeJong; Paideia/Premier, 1980; hc., 446 pp. ISBN: 0888150202 (out of print but still available at This is the classic English commentary on the Confession, written by a Christian Reformed pastor/theologian.

• Everything in Christ: The Christian Faith Outlined According to the Belgic Confession, by Clarence Stam, Premier, 1988; pb., 152 pp. $10.00. ISBN: 0887560164. Available from Inheritance Publications. This is a brief study of the Confession in outline form from a Canadian Reformed perspective.

• The Church Says Amen: An Exposition of the Belgic Confession, by Jan Van Bruggen; translated by Johanna VanderPlas; Inheritance Publications, 2003; pb., 230 pp. $13.90. ISBN: 921100175. This is one of the newer commentaries in English on the Confession and comes highly recommended.

• The Overflowing Riches of My God: Revisiting the Belgic Confession, by Clarence Bouwman; Premier Publishing, 2008; pb, 424 pp. $18.00. ISBN: 9780887560941. Available from Inheritance Publications. This is one of the newest commentaries available, again written by a Canadian Reformed pastor. Includes study questions for discussion.

• With Heart and Mouth: An Exposition of the Belgic Confession, by Daniel R. Hyde; Reformed Fellowship, 2008; hc, 546 pp. $30.00. ISBN: 9780979367755. Available from Reformation Heritage Books. Written by a United Reformed pastor, this is the newest commentary on the Confession, treating it in its historical, theological, and ecclesiastical contexts with fresh insights for our modern age.

Biographies on Guido de Bres

• Three Men Came to Heidelberg and Glorious Heretic: The Story of Guido de Bres, by Thea Van Halsema; Inheritance Publications; pb, 126 pp., $10.00. ISBN: 9781894666893. Available from Reformation Heritage Books. A classic work for young and old, telling the simple but remarkable story of de Brès and his martyrdom for the Reformed faith.

• Trust God, Keep the Faith: The Story of Guido de Bres, by Bartha Hill-de Bres; Inheritance Publications; pb., 89 pp., $9.95. ISBN: 9780984432011. Available from Reformation Heritage Books. This is a new title, written for older children and adults.

• Faithfulness Under Fire: The Story of Guido de Bres, by William Boekestein; Reformation Heritage Books, 2011; hc, 30 pp. $10.00. ISBN: 9781601781024. This also is a new book, written for younger children, complete with illustrations and a simple narrative.

*Special Note: Except for the last two biographies, all of the above books are available in the library of the Protestant Reformed Theological School.