Three times in recent weeks I have received letters for Question Box without a signature. 

First of all, let me restate our policy. That policy is that all communications for Question Box MUST BE SIGNED. When the questions are published, however, neither names nor initials will be used. But for various good reasons, I cannot accept unsigned questions. 

Fact is that it is rather dangerous to send any unsigned communications to me. My personal rule is always to look at the end of a letter for the signature first; and if there is no such signature, I throw letters in my wastebasket—unread! This almost happened to these three questions; in the nick of time, as I was looking for the signatures, I noticed that they were letters intended for Question Box, and therefore saved them.

Secondly, therefore, if the readers involved will inform me of their identity in the near future, I will try to answer their questions. I repeat: when your question is published, I will not make known your identity—unless, of course, you specifically request it.