Now and then we receive letters (or occasionally just a note, along with a subscription renewal) expressing appreciation for our magazine. Recently I received such a letter from a reader in England. Partly because representatives of our Contact Committee only recently r-e ported on their visit to the U.K. and about the situation there, and partly because another long time correspondent from England expressed to me the wish that our Contact Committee could have conducted a meeting in London, and partly simply to share with you the fact that The Standard Bearerserves as a witness in unexpected circumstances and places (often unbeknownst to us), I will share the following letter from a reader in London, England. I have edited the letter slightly and omitted some personal elements. Here is the letter, dated Dec. 9, 1987:

Dear Professor:

Some time ago I became acquainted with the Rev. Robert Harbach through correspondence, but for the life of me, I cannot recall how this came about. However, I believe nothing happens by chance and, on looking back, the Hand of God is not difficult to see in this matter. Mr. Harbach sent me a year’s gift subscription to the “Standard Bearer” and I subsequently became a regular subscriber, for I quickly realized that this magazine really contains true gems of truth.

I am now in my 67th year and was brought up in a “Plymouth Brethren” family. (The “Open Brethren” as distinct from the “Exclusive” kind.) In 1940, during service with the Royal Air Force, I became converted; but after various ‘wanderings’ I was accepted into the Church of England in 1962, remaining until unable to stay in this apostate body any longer; my wife and I finally leaving in 1978. We thought we had found a spiritual home in a small body which still claims adherence to the 39 Articles, and I was ordained in 1979 in a non-stipendiary ministry, but numbers are so small that this was not nearly as successful as I had hoped, and we have long been worshipping together at home, being joined by a few friends now and again. Most denominations in this country are now members of the British Council of Churches, affiliated to the infamous W.C.C. and we can, therefore, having nothing to do with them.

For most of my life, I had believed in ‘the well-meant offer of salvation’ and it was not until I began to read the “Standard Bearer” that I came into contact with the doctrine of ‘limited atonement’. This may surprise you, but it is true. Reading your excellent magazine has brought light into my soul . . . even into areas where I had, for, years, thought I already had light. On going through past issues of the “Standard Bearer” I came across a little note from Mr. Harbach at the end of his article, “Jesus Left Alone”, at the foot of Page 172, Vol. LXIII, No. 8, January 15th, 1987 in which he invited readers who stand in the truth to write and identify themselves. Some what belatedly, I am writing to say that my wife and I stand with you . . . tiny islets in a vast ocean of inky darkness around us, trying to keep our little lights going as we await the return of our blessed Lord and Master or until He calls us Home. Long may the “Standard Bearer” keep coming, bearing, as it were glad tidings from afar’.

Well, space has almost gone and it is time I was gone, too, but I cannot go until I have taken the opportunity to send you our warmest greetings on the occasion of Christmas and our best wishes for the coming year.

The Lord bless you and all whom you love.

Sincerely yours, N.N.