It gives us great pleasure to address the synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches of America and to bring you the greetings of the consistory, council, and congregation of Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland. We extend to you our greetings in the most blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We are greatly indebted to the Protestant Reformed Churches and in particular to the consistory and congregation of Hudsonville Protestant Reformed Church who by the grace of our great God have continued to show great interest in our welfare and development and have provided much assistance to us over the past year. The care and attention they have provided have been a source of great encouragement to us all. As you will be aware, Covenant Protestant Reformed Church in Northern Ireland has just come through a very trying and difficult period in our short existence as a congregation. Whilst we have been very conscious of God’s continued blessing upon us, many found this past year particularly difficult. We know and believe, however, that “whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth,” and we are convinced that God will not see us defeated but will continue to strengthen His people. The advice and wise counsel provided to us by Hudsonville consistory and the Mission Committee through Rev. Gritters, Rev. Koole, and Rev. VanOverloop have enabled us to move forward and find resolution of the problems. We continue in the assurance that God loves His people both here and in Northern Ireland and that He will continue to protect and provide for His church.

We want to thank the Contact Committee for their work with us and for your continued financial support and assistance, without which we would face severe hardship.

It is a great joy for us to be with you, especially as you prepare to examine our student, Mr. Angus Stewart. God has greatly blessed both you and us by enabling you as a denomination not only to prepare men to preach the gospel here in your own land, but also to ensure that the gospel will be preached in lands across the world. We want to thank the professors and the Theological School Committee for the work they have done in preparing Mr. Stewart for this day. We eagerly await his answers to your questions and pray that God will provide him with the ability to do justice to the work that has gone into his preparation.

Lastly, we want again publicly to thank our great God and dear heavenly Father for all that He has done both for you and for us. We earnestly pray that He will continue to bless the ministers and people of the Protestant Reformed Churches in America and that in all they do Christ Jesus may be glorified.