One who wishes he had had a PRC upbringing can now only hope that those churches do all they ever can to maintain their unique and precious position.

Rev. Kortering’s series of articles on firing up the troops for personal witnessing is excellent, especially in that it does not inadvertently do anything to diminish the PRC role as the world’s best supplier of meaty grace doctrines. Giving of milk, or the proclaiming of simple salvation to babes, is vital. But there are many doing that already, whereas there is none to match the PRC in resisting the ‘desovereignizing’ of God and other apostasies.

This is about priorities. Since the PRC cannot do everything at once, they have decided to do the best things first.

Neither Rev. Kortering nor any other SB writer advocates the popularity route, for it nearly always means being all things to all men, unacceptable compromises on charismatic, “worksy,” humanistic, universalistic, worldly things. All agree that numbers matter far less than doing God’s will.

So, evangelize as we can, but never at the expense of our overwhelming love of God and His truth.

In large admiration,

Lewis Price,

Batesville, AR