About Our Seminary

To the Editor: 

Some time ago we read about the lethargic and lackadaisical attitude and response toward the drive for our Theological School. 

As a “newcomer,” the matter of our seminary facilities has troubled me almost from the time we joined the Protestant Reformed Churches, some five years ago. To me there is something definitely wrong here. It can be proven from the Scripture that this situation is displeasing to the Lord. It would take too much space to go into detail, but one has only to read the book of the prophet, Haggai. We read in Haggai 1:2, 4, where the Lord speaks, “This people say, The time is not come, the time that the Lord’s house should be built. Is it the time for you, O ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses, and this house lie waste? speaketh the Lord.” 

Today we live about 2,500 years later, but the circumstances are somewhat similar. We are living in times of affluence and abundance such as the world has never seen before; and the church people as a whole are keeping up pretty well with the world insofar as their luxury homes, automobiles, etc., are concerned. Are the facilities of our seminary adequate in comparison to these luxuries? 

We see many in the church who are more lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God. Too many speak the words of Ashdod (Neh. 13:24). We are living in times of great apostasy, and the Scriptures have become encumbered with all kinds of philosophical interpretations. We read inII Tim. 4:3, “They will not endure sound doctrine.” Did we not read recently in our Standard Bearer that a well known minister of Reformed persuasion called our churches “demonic?” 

We don’t know how long it will be before the faithful preaching of the Word will be put to silence. We are rushing towards the end. A well known statesman once said that today mankind is living on top of an atomic volcano. Taking into consideration the international world situation, we may look for big changes in the near future. 

In this world full of uncertainties, our Covenant God in His infinite love for the remnant of his people, who like all mankind live in the midst of death, has left us a Theological School where is still being taught “the, truth once delivered to the saints.” The truth that the Lord saves His people in absolute sovereignty and that it does not depend on men to accept or reject the offer of salvation. If this seminary is suffering because of the lack of adequate facilities, then the Word of God still comes to us, “Is it the time for us to live in our comfortable houses?” Twice the prophet Haggai uses the warning words, “Consider your ways.” In conclusion, What is really at stake in the faithful preaching of the Word? The glory of the Lord. As the Old Testament temple was filled with the glory of the Lord (II Chron. 7:2), so likewise must be the New Testament temple, the church of Jesus Christ. 

I know there is some skepticism regarding this project, but let us not forget at the same time that Satan is laughing. 

The Lord has given us an abundance of material things; therefore, let us then go forward in royal fashion. For “Mine is the silver and Mine is the gold, saith the Lord of Hosts” (Hag. 2:8). 

Herman Woltjer 

Zeeland, Mich.