About Our New Catalogue Folder

Enclosed with this issue our readers will find what we believe to be an attractive and handy catalogue folder containing a complete listing of Protestant Reformed literature available from various organizations in the Grand Rapids area. 

If I may say so, this catalogue is an example of what cooperation can accomplish. Several organizations—the RFPA Board, the RFPA Publications Committee, the Reformed Witness Hour Radio Committee, the Sunday School Mission Publishing Society of First Church—and several individuals working on a committee have cooperated to prepare this folder. And besides the above-named organizations, several societies and individuals have cooperated in financing its publication. The result of this cooperation is a complete listing of literature available in our circles and published in the Grand Rapids area. (In parentheses, I may note that there is other literature available in our circles, but that for purposes of efficiency in distribution we did not include or try to include literature published by organizations in some of our western churches. This was not intended as any kind of slight, but was done solely for purposes of efficiency.) But to return to my subject, this catalogue represents commendable cooperation. The result is that this vast treasure of literature is available to anyone by means of one order blank and from one central address, that of our Publications Committee. Hereafter it should not be difficult for anyone to find out what is available and how to get it. 

For the benefit of our Standard Bearer readers we have enclosed this folder. We hope that you will feel free to make use of it. Some of the literature is of rather recent date, some of it is older. Some of it is free, some of it will cost you a small amount. But all of it, we believe, is worthwhile. And we hope that our readers will check to see whether or not they already have the literature listed here, and that they will order accordingly, whether the literature is free or not. We promise efficient service on your orders. 

The committee in charge of this project is now busy with plans for distribution of the folder. Our intention is to get a wide distribution, both within and outside of our Protestant Reformed Churches. Already we have laid plans for the distribution of some two thousand copies, and efforts are under way to reach as many more addresses as possible. Naturally, there may be some overlapping in our mailings. If you should receive more than one copy, please pass any extra copies on to interested friends. We also solicit any suggestions or help which you may have to offer with respect to wider distribution. If you have addresses to which you would like a folder sent, send them in to us. Or if you wish to have a supply of folders for personal distribution, write to our box number and we will send them. 

Our readers may also be interested in knowing that the printing of this catalogue is serving a double purpose. The first four pages, containing the recent books published by the RFPA Publications Committee, were also printed separately and with the imprint of two commercial book dealers in quantities of several thousand in order to advertise our books more widely. There is, of course, no sense in publishing literature unless we also make it known and make it available. We believe that our publications are distinctively Reformed, that they are sound, and that they answer a great need. We believe, too, that they are worthy of wider distribution than they have sometimes received. One way to achieve such wider distribution is to advertise the literature and to make it easily available. It is our hope that this catalogue folder will help to achieve our goal of wider distribution. We ask your cooperation.