A Word of Explanation

We were unable, due to space limitations, to continue our Tour Report in this issue. Our editorial, however, is related to our Australasian Tour. 

By way of explanation, the following: 

1) You will recall that earlier we mentioned the fact that we had contact with people of the Reformed Church of New Zealand. 

2) This is the denomination which was embroiled in the Runia controversy a few years ago, a matter about which we wrote extensively in 1970-72. As a result of that controversy, some separated from the Reformed Church, among whom were Mr. W. van Rij, of Christchurch, and Messrs. J. Koppe and B. van Herk, of the Wellington area. These were men who, along with others, fought for doctrinal discipline in the Reformed Churches of N.Z. 

3) When Rev. C. Hanko and I were in Wellington last June, we were invited to meet with three ministers of the Reformed Church, Rev. G.I. Williamson, Rev. G. Kroon, and Rev. B. Gillard. We did not anticipate a lengthy discussion of the Runia controversy; in fact, we had not even prepared for such a discussion or taken along any information or documentation. But this became the chief subject of our visit with these three ministers, and particularly with the Rev. Williamson. The latter had been a minister of the Reformed Church of New Zealand he had been an opponent of Dr. Runia’s teachings; but he had left and had served as minister in the United States during the period when the Runia controversy came to a head and was synodically decided. He is now back in New Zealand and serving as pastor of one of the Wellington churches involved in that controversy. 

4) We had no intention of writing about this private conversation when we reported on the Wellington portion of our tour. (We have already omitted such private visits from the earlier portion of our report, in fact.) But Rev. Williamson chose to publish a false report of this visit in a New Zealand paper. This necessitated a reply on our part. And we received an urgent request from New Zealand to make such a reply.