Most of our readers have heard the sad news that our editor, the Rev. H. Hoeksema, suffered a heart attack on Tuesday, June 17th, at Sioux Falls, South Dakota, while enroute to California where he intended to spend his vacation. We realize that this notice comes to you at a rather late date. The reason is that the editor had prepared ail the material for his three departments in our paper for three months ahead, prior to his vacation in June.

It is a cause for profound gratitude to hear how our beloved brother is recuperating at a fast rate. However, the doctors advise that he take a complete rest from all his labors for an indefinite length of time.

In consequence of this state of affairs, our editor called a meeting of the editorial staff so that we might be able to make arrangements toward the filling of the three rubrics: Meditations, Editorials and Our Doctrine.

This staff meeting was held July 24th and the following decisions were taken: 1. The undersigned was appointed for the rubric Meditations; 2. The Rev. H. Veldman was appointed to fill the rubric Our Doctrine ; 3. The undersigned was appointed to write the Editorials, it being understood, however, that the Doekes’ controversy shall be held in abeyance until the hoped for recovery of our editor-in-chief; and that, meanwhile, the Rev. Doekes’ articles shall be published in the Standard Bearer, together with their translation in English (will the Rev. Doekes kindly take note of this?) ; 4. It was further decided to retain this year’s schedule for all other rubrics, both as to the material and the contributors, for the following year. The list appears on page 495, Vol. 22 of the Standard Bearer; and 5. It is further understood that, according to the editor’s wishes, when he again feels capable of taking up any of his rubrics, he may do so at any time simply by informing the substitute for any department.

Allow me to assure our readers that I have accepted this position with mingled feelings of trepidation and trust in God. However, to explain this state of mind and heart is neither edifying nor necessary. This state of affairs is thrust upon us by the hand of God Himself, and therefore, we will carry on. After all, it is His business which we are attending to in our Standard Bearer.

I would close this introductory editorial with the expressed wish and prayer that I may soon receive word from him who is still our Editor: You may be excused from this task! I am able to resume my labors!

And may the Lord deal kindly with him and give him grace to bear his cross! This visitation is nothing but adorable wisdom!

P.S. From the very nature of the case, the article appearing in the Christian Labor Herald of July, 1947, directed to the Rev. H. H., must also wait until the Lord will graciously restore him.