A Special Event

Friday, May 23, was a very special occasion for our Theological School. It was the date of our first pre-seminary graduation. A few years ago our synod inaugurated a 4-year pre-seminary program at the seminary, the equivalent of a full college program. Most of the required subjects in this pre-sem program of 125 hours are taught at the seminary; the remainder of the credits required are obtained by our students at a local college. This year we reaped the firstfruits of that new program. Five young men received their pre-seminary diplomas. One of them, Kenneth Koole, had already entered his seminary program, and, in fact, has completed at least a third of his seminary course. The others, who, the Lord willing, will begin their seminary training next fall, are: Wilbur Bruinsma, Michael DeVries, Richard Flikkema, and Richard Peterson. Congratulations!

On the morning of May 23 we had a brief graduation program in the seminary’s Assembly Room, with the Theological School Committee and friends and relatives of the graduates present. The program was followed by a social hour. All in all, it was a happy occasion. And again we have abundant reason for thanksgiving to our God.

In the accompanying picture are our graduates, with the faculty. Left to right: Michael DeVries, Wilbur Bruinsma, Prof. R. Decker, Kenneth Koole, Prof. H. Hanko, Richard Flikkema, Prof. H. C. Hoeksema, Richard Peterson.