A Roman Catholic, given the opportunity to teach your children, will instruct them in Roman Catholicism. 

There can be no doubt about that. 

A Protestant, hired to teach your children, will give instruction that reveals the Protestant position. 

And he will do so in opposition to the Roman Catholic position. 

An unbeliever, having your children before him for instruction, will transmit to them instruction that is colored by his unbelief. 

He will do so in opposition both to the Roman Catholic and to the Protestant position. He will oppose all the “faiths” in his teaching. 

These are cold, hard facts. Psychologically, even, it is extremely difficult, if not even impossible, for man to give instruction from a different viewpoint than that of his own faith or unbelief. 

It is, therefore, and amazing phenomenon when a Protestant, who sees the snare for his children in exposing them to Roman Catholic doctrine and teaching, dares to expose them to the teachings of unbelief. A false belief that advocates image worship frightens him. But unbelief, that denies the cross of Christ and presents it as nothing more than a martyr’s death, he considers safe for his children. 

If it were true in the past—and it was ever since the fall of man in paradise—it is even more so true today that to give your children over to the world for instruction five days a week in the philosophies of atheism, evolutionism, modernism and the like is laying a snare for your children. Unbelief is rooted in the sable evil principle that image worship is: Jehovah is not God! 

Whether you say that by setting up an idol to worship in His place; or whether you say that by ruling Him out of all things and out of your life, it makes no difference. You lay the same snare for your children. You set a trap for them to turn their backs upon Him and condemn a walk in His fear

Because by nature we are children of our age, we easily lose the perspective. And today out life is such a mad rush that we hardly find time to look batik and compare the past with the present. But the Scriptures are still there to remind us and teach us that always from the sowing of the seed of sin in paradise, thru all time and until the man of sin appears, there is a continual development of sin. Our present age IS more evil than the preceding one. There can be no doubt about that either. 

One little observation from life today will suffice to show that. We make bold to state—by personal observation and experience that there are mothers and fathers living today who, having punished their children severely for attending the movie, today can hardly be torn away from their television sets when the films of these same movies and of even more corrupt ones are shown today. The entertainment of the movie house was condemned. The same entertainment thru the medium of television is eagerly sought. 

Grandma and Grandpa, who were so strict about these things for their own children, now set a snare for their grandchildren by taking them into the movie house of their living room with its television set! 

But to return to our line of thought. The tree of sin which was sown in paradise is bringing forth more and more corrupt fruit; and the fruit is becoming more poisonous and spiritually bitter as time rushes past us. 

In a little more than one thousand years sin had developed so fast that it was ready for the judgment of the flood. And thru the flood God delivered His church from that corrupt world that sin had produced. That sin had developed so fast is undoubtedly due to a great part to the fact that men lived to be as much as nine hundred years old before they died. They were able to teach their evil “tricks” and sinful practices not only to their children and grandchildren; they were able to teach the grandchildren of their great-grandchildren! They were able to lay a snare not only for their immediate offspring but to draw the net tight for several generations that their offspring would, beget. 

Principally the case is the same today. Men do not live to the ripe old age of nine hundred years anymore. But the influence of ungodly men, of false teachers, of heretics and of the servants of the devil is becoming increasingly wider in its scope. Today the means of propagating the lie, of spreading it far and wide are so highly developed. Today evil practices may so quickly and easily be taught to the whole world. The printing press, the radio, the television not only serve in this evil propagating of sin, vice, false doctrines and the like but the means of transportation which make the world so small also serve in the development of sin. 

The idols of the world—not simply of the land in which we are citizens but of the whole world—are dangled before the eyes of our children in countless number of ways. 

And shall we approve of them by sending our children to the schools of the ungodly to be taught further in regard to these things? Do we dare to send our children to the world that the mental images of their antichristian philosophies may be made still more alluring to them? 

Would we dare, then, tell the all-wise and sovereign God that we do this in order to bring up our children inHis fear?

The civil courts in our land would take hold of parents who mixed poison with the food which they served their children. They will also hold guilty those parents who sent their children to others to be poisoned by them. Will the holy one of Israel, then, approve of our action of sending our children to those who can do nothing else but poison the minds of our children in regard to His sovereignty, justice? They simply do not believe these truths of His sovereignty, justice, grace and glory themselves. How can they give any instruction other than according to their own unbelief which is spiritual poison to the minds of the child of God. 

The world simply repeats in word of instruction and in deed the words of godless Pharaoh: “Who is the Lord that I should obey him?” That principle permeates all the teaching of the world even though it may allow (but never demands and advocates) a little Bible reading and prayer in the school room. 

Its books and its instruction does not present Him as the God of history. Christ does not come to His own in the history class of the schools of the world; even though this is called a Christian nation. A few words may be devoted to that period of history of the Roman Empire when Christ lived, died and rose again the third day. However that resurrection, you may be sure, will not be presented as a historical fact and as the first fruits of them that sleep. It will not receive the emphasis that it deserves as one of the most important historical events that this world has seen. The discovery of America will outshine it. The invention of the steam engine, the cotton gin, electricity, the atomic bomb will in that instruction overshadow this event that signifies for the church of Jesus Christ her justification before God and pledge of eternal glory. 

Kingdoms, their rise and fall, their rulers and traitors, their victories and defeats will receive much attention. But Christ, the king of kings and lord of lords who now “has dominion over land and sea” and His kingdom are brushed aside as so much mythology. Christ doesnot come to His own except in a Christian School. And the school that does not so present history so that Christ comes to His own is not a Christian School. 

We will not take the time to show the difference between the Christian School instruction and the schools of the world in the other subjects that are taught. We simply want to emphasize that the school wherein Christ does not come to His own is an antichristian school. What is not for God and His Christ is against Him and His Christ. The schools of the world are not neutral when they fail to teach Him and show the importance of His birth, cross and resurrection for the history of this world. They are not neutral when they ignore Him. They are positively antichristian and their teaching is and must be in the service of the rearing up of the antichrist. It is, therefore, also becoming increasingly plain that the schools of the world are going to instruct their children (God forbid that they do so Zion’s children) as to the position and worth of the godless unions (and presently the justifiability of the mark of the beast). 

Let us not forget that the kingdom of the antichrist will be part of the history of this world. Let us likewise remember that he comes as the product of the developments of the several kingdoms that have been and now are in the world. The beast in Rev. 13 had seven heads and ten horns. Five of these heads were; one is and the seventh—the antichrist—still cometh. To that kingdom of the antichrist all history is leading. His kingdom will be the climax of all the kingdoms of this earth; borrowing the strongest points of each and for a brief time overcoming all the weaknesses of those that served to bring it forth. To present the history of this world apart from Christ and His kingdom, apart from His birth, death, resurrection and ascension to receive power in heaven and earth over ALL things is to give antichristian instruction. 

Shall we enroll our children in the schools of the antichrist? 

Shall we lay a snare for them to be entrapped in philosophies that cry for his appearance and defend him as the savior of this world? Especially today, when man fears that he has the power to wipe out civilization with his hydrogen and cobalt bombs, the world begins to cry for a savior of mankind. And the schools of the world will strive to inculcate into your children the need and the glory of such a man. 

Christ, the prince of peace, will more and more be presented as a dismal failure. No, not in so many words. That is the devilishness and the antichristianity of it. The children of the world (and yours, if you send them there) will be taught the need of someone else: the antichrist. 

Shall we strive to defend that snare for our children? Shall we throw down this article in disgust and defend the antichristian snare? Shall we philosophize that a little poison will not kill them? 

Let us walk in His fear. 

And walking in His fear let us take our children by the hand and bring them where Christ is properly recognized and taught as the lord of lord’s and king of kings, the prince of peace, the Savior of His church.