This department is not in the habit of commenting on lectures given by any of our ministers. Nor is it the intention of this article to editorialize about a lecture this time. 

But the Standard Bearer is interested in witnessing to the truth with respect to burning issues of the day. 

And we are interested, too, in having that witness reach as many as possible. 

For this reason, we call attention to the lecture delivered by the Rev. David Engelsma on May 10 at First Protestant Reformed Church in Grand Rapids on the subject: “Key ’73—What Must We Say About It?” Before an attentive audience that packed the spacious auditorium, the speaker delivered a soundly Reformed and thorough-going critique of Key ’73. There was much food for thought for any serious-minded Christian in this lecture. 

To try to bring this witness to as many as possible, we are making this lecture available in several forms: 

1. You can obtain a recording on a 7-inch reel for the price of $3.00. 

2. You can obtain a cassette recording for the price of $2.50. 

3. The July 1 issue of the Standard Bearer will carry a complete transcript of the lecture. 

4. The lecture will also be published in a separate pamphlet as soon as possible. 

If you want to understand what Key ’73 is all about, and. want to be instructed as to why Key ’73 is both wrong and dangerous, take advantage of this opportunity to hear or to read this lecture. 

For your convenience, we are making these recordings and transcripts available through theBusiness Office of the Standard Bearer. Write to:

The Standard Bearer, 

Post Office Box 6064, 

Grand Rapids, Michigan 49506 

Our Business Manager will give you prompt service!