A Sad Spectacle

In connection with our comments about Present Truththere is a very sad spectacle to which attention must be called. 

We have already mentioned the fact that Present Truth capitalizes on the writings of James Daane in ohposing the Reformed view of election. And while it is true that Daane has become notorious for his unReformed writings on this subject, the fact remains that he is supposed to be a Reformed man, and in name and official connection is a Christian Reformed minister. It is a sad spectacle when the writings of those who by solemn vow are supposed to be defenders of the Reformed faith can be used as ammunition against the Reformed faith. 

As I said, however, we have come to expect such things from Dr. Daane. 

An even sadder spectacle it is that Present Truth is able to use a publication of Reformed Fellowship in opposition to the truth of sovereign predestination. But this is exactly what has happened. In 1968 Reformed Fellowship published the book Crisis in the Reformed Churches. In that book, sad to say, there were not only some instructive chapters but also a veritable diatribe against the Reformed doctrine of reprobation by Dr. Klaas Runia. This chapter is entitled, “Recent Reformed Criticisms of the Canons.” At one time we criticized it in detail in connection with events “down under.” Lo and behold, it is this chapter which is now reprinted in Present Truth! 

Sad spectacle! 

Not long ago Reformed Fellowship in its The Outlookwas critical of Harry Boer’s denial of reprobation. Rightly so! 

But in its own publication Reformed Fellowship gives occasion for the enemies of the Reformed truth of reprobation to blaspheme! 

It is time that Reformed Fellowship repudiates that publication and forbids further use of it. They should not go about hiding a lie in their right hand!