A Letter to our Service-men

Dear Friends:—

I cannot refrain from addressing a few lines to you personally. I am well aware, of course, that the Beacon Lights reaches you all, and is largely devoted to your interests. It is doing a good work, and it is doing it well. Nor do I mean to encroach upon its field of activity, compete with its work, or try to improve upon it.

But I want you to feel that also the Standard Bearer has your interests at heart, and is constantly mindful of you. And I hope that the reading material it offers you may be of some benefit to you, to your instruction and comfort.

You are scattered all over the globe.

Many of you have been and still are in the thick of the present conflict. Others are still in the training camps of our country, always with the prospect before you, however, that you will be sent out.

Things still look dark. Your hearts, even as ours, must often be filled with anxiety about the immediate future.

While we have been in the war three years, in a sense, we have just begun. Those optimists who, deceived by the reports we get in the homeland, and which usually picture the situation in colors far too bright, feel that the end of the war and victory is just around the corner, are daily more and more disillusioned. The fighting grows more intense all the time. Fact is, that unless God puts an end to this terrible world struggle in a way no one is able to foresee at present, the war may last for years to come.

Our hearts are heavy.

When we look at things, and at men, there is neither confidence nor hope.

But these are times in which we must turn our anxious eyes away from men and things, in which we should not speak of chariots and of horses, but mention the name of Jehovah our God, and lift up our hearts to Him, who sitteth above the circle of the earth, and who has exalted our Lord Jesus Christ at His right hand, the God of our salvation.

He reigns.

And He doeth all things well. He also controls all your way. Even in the midst of battle, He so absolutely controls all things that not a hair can fall from our head against His will. If we put our trust in Him, we have nothing to fear. For He loves us. And nothing can separate us from His love in Christ Jesus our Lord!

Let us, therefore, make our refuge in the shadow of His wings, until all these calamities be overpast!

There we are safe!

Yours in our Lord,

H. Hoeksema