The following is a letter of sincere thanks from the Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association to Mr. Gerrit Pipe for his many, many years of faithful service, in which he was active as Treasurer and Business Manager, and during the past ten years as Mailing Agent in the distribution of ourStandard Bearer.

Dear Gerrit:

Let’s go back a few years—in fact, quite a few years. It was in 1944 that you first appeared on the scene as an active member of the Board of the RFPA. In September, 1944 you were elected Treasurer of our Association. At that time only a small handful of our Protestant Reformed people subscribed to our Standard Bearer. Very few outside our denomination were even aware of our publication, and very little interest was shown. Gradually, however, our subscription list grew. As it continued to grow, your work also increased. You were asked to become Business Manager as well as Treasurer of our Association, and this you willingly and eagerly agreed to do. This meant more work was placed upon your shoulders. Not only was the financial report to be made each month, but your responsibilities also included the mailing of renewal notices, changes of address, etc. With the cooperation of your dear wife, Agnes, all of these details were promptly accomplished. Then, upon your retirement as a foreman at Steelcase, you volunteered to become our mailing agent. This place you continued to fill until November, 1978. All of these assignments without remuneration.

For these many years of faithful and dedicated service, we, the Board, can only thank you for a job well done. 

But above all, Gerrit, we thank our faithful covenant God for dedicated men in our Protestant Reformed Churches who, by His grace, have made it possible to begin and continue our Standard Bearer for more than 54 years. 

Gerrit, thanks again! And may God continue to bless you and Agnes in the coming years.


The Board of the Reformed Free Publishing Association