A special gift that God prepared for me—

‘Twas given me ‘ere I saw the light of day.

This gift was someone specially prepared

To guide my footsteps in His holy way.

Day after day, she cared for me and taught

Not just the skills I’d need for daily living;

She taught me first of all to seek His face—

In joy and sorrow, working, playing, giving.

She held before me God’s own Word, that it

Could be a light upon my pathway ever,

She helped me learn to sing Jehovah’s praise

And told me of that love that naught could sever.

She taught me to confess my sins and seek

To flee from evil thoughts and words and deeds,

To follow righteousness, stand firmly in the faith,

Turn from the wrong, and follow where He leads.

Thelma Westra

Faith PRC, Jenison, Michigan