At long last the Rev. D. Engelsma’s book, Marriage: the Mystery of Christ and The Church, has come from the press and is available. We are sorry about the long delay, especially after it was announced that the book would be ready in June. But the book was certainly worth waiting for. 

There seems to be a glut of, books, both religious and secular, about marriage, sex, sex education, etc., on today’s market. 

But this book is a gem! 

And the underlying reason why it is a gem is that it is thoroughly Scriptural in its presentation. 

The book is not large. It is by no means tedious in its exposition. It is well written and interestingly written. And it is loaded with instruction concerning the Biblical principles of marriage, but also with instruction that is “practical” in the right sense of that term.

Who should read this book? 

Certainly, married couples may benefit from it. 

But especially do I urge that young married couples read it. And more especially still, I urge young people who are looking forward to marriage to read it and discuss it with one another. 

The price is only $3.50. You may obtain the book from: Reformed Free Publishing Association, P.O. Box 2006, Grand Rapids, Michigan 49501.