The undersigned was asked to write up a report of the results of the election of committee members who are to assist the three ministers and their families who recently came to us from the Reformed Episcopal Church and who are now attending our Seminary.

Some time ago printed ballots were sent out to each one who contributed to their support. The ballots presented a nomination of eight. From these four were to be chosen to serve as a permanent committee. The following constitute the new committee: Sidney De Young, James Kok, Gerrit Pipe, and Donald Ondersma. At a recent meeting the committee officers were chosen as follows: president S. De Young, vice-president James Kok, secretary G. Pipe, treasurer D. Ondersma. At this meeting a committee was appointed to investigate the possibility of becoming incorporated as a non-profit corporation. Should this become a future reality, contributors to the fund could make deductions from their income tax reports of their contributions. This means also that our society will need a name. Any suggestions will be gladly received by the committee.

We wish also at this juncture to report that our treasurer reveals that sufficient funds have been received to take care of these families for this year. In round figures the receipts reached a total of $7,000.00. The disbursements this year included a considerable amount for moving expenses which we trust will not be necessary again. So that unless there is a radical change in the cost of living, our anticipated receipts for the next year will not have to be as high as this year. We can also report that the three ministers are able to work a little on the side which means that our care of them will be made considerably easier. The committee informs us that work will soon be made of conducting another drive, announcements of which will be made at the proper time. With but few exceptions, those of our people who pledged to help in our last drive responded nobly. We are indeed grateful for this interest and help. Should those who made pledges still wish to keep them they may send their contributions to Donald Ondersma, 1135 Chicago Dr., S. W., Grand Rapids, Michigan. Please specify that your contribution is a payment of a pledge. Of course, any other contribution will be gratefully received and acknowledged. The committee has also decided with the consent of the three ministers, that henceforth all financial contributions, payments for service etc., to these men shall be reported to the committee, and that each family shall be cared for on an equal basis proportionate to the number of children each has. It would be well that all contributors to the fund keep this in mind. Our society may therefore believe that their contributions will be carefully distributed and no partiality shown.

As to the three ministers, we may report that they are making very good progress at our school. In fact they have on several instances already been given license to speak a word of edification in our churches. And all three of them have told the undersigned that they still marvel at the wondrous ways of God who has so graciously directed their way to our Protestant Reformed Churches. They all with their families are deeply appreciative of all our people have done and are doing for them, and would like you to know of this appreciation.

And now, as the title of this article suggests, this is a final report as far as the undersigned is concerned. From now on he will serve only in an advisory capacity, and all future correspondence should be sent to the secretary of the committee, Gerrit Pipe, 1463 Ardmore, S.E., Grand Rapids, Michigan; while all contributions should be sent to the treasurer above named.