A Baptist Speaks Concerning Conditions

” . . . . and I, even I only am left; and they seek my life, to take it away” (I Kings 19:14). Sometimes we Protestant Reformed People often feel like the prophet Elijah, especially as we proclaim the absolute sovereignty of our God amidst a church world which refuses to give all the glory to God. Man, they say, fulfills certain conditions before the promise of God is realized, and in recent years, in our own ranks arose those who would have torn the heart out of our beloved church by maintaining and preaching this conditional salvation. It went something like this: “God promises everyone of you, if you believe, you will be saved.” It’s history now; our church still stands and by the Grace of God we will continue to proclaim Unconditional Salvation; but like Elijah who was refreshed by God when the Almighty said: “Yet I have left me seven thousand in Israel . . .” (I Kings 19:18), so I too was refreshed as I read the Baptist Examiner a few weeks ago. This weekly Baptist paper has its Editorial Dept. located in Ashland, Kentucky and if my memory serves me correctly also has a radio program on the same station as ours immediately preceding the Reformed Witness Hour. Its editor-in-chief Bob L. Ross wrote as a feature article in the November 24 issue a sermon he preached at the 1962 Bible Conference. Its title was, “Why I Believe The Limited Atonement.” In this article on page seven we find, quote: “There are others who say God will do everything, but you must do the believing. Others add baptism. Various conditionsare taught. It doesn’t matter what you conditionsalvation upon, it is not by grace if man is the one who performs the deciding act.” From a Baptist mind you-praise the Lord—take note Rev. H. De Wolf. Well spoken Bob Ross!