In reply to the article of Mr. B. Veldkamp, I would like to make the remark that I was very much disappointed with the brother’s writing as it was of a more personal hatred towards me than towards my article and could not have been done in brotherly love.

The brother is constrained to make mention, that he disagrees with me in the manner I wrote my Church News Article. This of course is his good right. We don’t have to agree on minor things.

The brother is of the opinion that I don’t know much about the Unions. Of course he cannot prove this.

I write mysterious, and some of my sentences amuse him, and he also wonders if I know my own mind.

He also asks the lame question if Mr. De Vries is going to take care of us. He knows my answer. The Lord is able to do this, and He never will forsake His own.

I do not place all Unions on one level Mr. Veldkamp. I wrote about the C. I. O., and the A. F. L.; and to my knowledge of the two, there is no difference. Don’t misrepresent my writings Mr. Veldkamp.

I hope you have noticed brother, that I did not come back on your article, for I came to the conclusion that you really have nothing against my article, but against me, and we must not discuss this in our Standard Bearer.

I advise you, Mr. Veldkamp, if you must write, then write in a brotherly tone; and let not hatred predominate your thoughts.