he annual synod of the Protestant Reformed Churches (PRC) meets outside the Grand Rapids, MI area only infrequently. This year, it does. Synod convenes at the Hull PRC, Hull, IA on June 8, God willing. The last time synod met away from the Grand Rapids area was 1995. Then also, synod met in Hull.

The agenda is comparatively light. There is no examination of a graduating senior of the Protestant Reformed Seminary. There is no weighty appeal or overture regarding doctrine. The twenty delegates—ten ministers and ten elders—from the two classes will take care of what is for the most part the routine business of the churches in common. Synod will hear and act on reports from its committees, as well as the reports of church councils involved in synodical work, reports of missionaries, and the report of the stated clerk. Synod will also treat materials brought by the two classes.

A member of the PRC overtures synod to rescind a previous synodical decision regarding the administration of the sacraments and pronouncement of the benediction on the mission field (Art. 27, Synod 2001).

A committee on Bible translations of the Free Reformed Churches of North America addresses synod concerning the interest of the PRC in cooperating with other confessional Reformed churches in a “low-grade revision” of the King James Version of Holy Scripture.

Synod is informed of the acceptance of a new congregation into the PRC, the Wingham PRC, Wingham, Ontario, Canada. The congregation was formerly part of the Orthodox Christian Reformed denomination.

Two individuals appeal their discipline.

The Yearbook Committee reports that the PRC continued its steady growth over the past year. The denomination now numbers more than seven thousand members.

The pre-synodical worship service will be conducted by the Hull Council the evening before synod convenes, Monday, June 7. Rev. Ron VanOverloop, president of the previous synod, will lead the service and preach.

May Christ, the king of the church, guide the churches in the way of righteousness and peace at their synodical assembly.